The Scorefam utility token is the sole form of currency to be used within the Scorefam Ecosystem.
Like casino chips must be used to play the tables at a casino, fiat and cryptocurrency must be converted to Scorefam tokens in order to place bets on sport, esport & casino games. The Scorefam Token must be held to play Scorefam Predict & Win and purchasing of NFT’s within the Fantasy & NFT Marketplace will also require Scorefam tokens.
Within the account dashboard of all platforms, users will be able to swap Scorefam Tokens with other major cryptocurrency such as: BUSD, BNB & USDT.
The Scorefam token is borderless and enables people from different parts of the world to bet against each other with one universal betting currency.
The Scorefam token is the future of online betting, gambling and play-to-earn gaming.

Scorefam Predict & Win:

All bets must be placed with Scorefam Tokens
As more bets are placed the demand for Scorefam tokens increases and the circulating supply decreases, as tokens are locked until a winner is determined.

Scorefam Fantasy & NFT Marketplace:

The Scorefam Fantasy & NFT marketplace will enable people to buy, sell and trade their player cards NFT’s with the Scorefam token.
Burning Mechanism: For every game played (whether Locked, Flexible or Multi-Flex), the amount staked in SFT is burnt on staking to reduce the circulating supply of SFT.
If there’s a successful prediction(depending on the game type), the amount burnt is minted back with the additional rewards and 1% fee is charged and minted to a provided account.
If there’s no successful prediction, the amount burnt will not be minted hence the reward pool for subsequent rewarding of successful predictions is increased because the burnt tokens can be minted later without disrupting the Maximum Supply of SFT.
Referral Rewards: Frequent and large bettors and referrers will be incentivized with Scorefam Tokens. To encourage new users to join the platforms and grow the user base, bonus tokens/bets will be given to users to place their first bets on the platforms.
Governance: Scorefam token holders will be able to vote on platform changes and improvements.