Welcome to the Scorefam Ecosystem.

Scorefam is the first blockchain risk-profiled sport betting platform that enables fans to earn their own way.

As a unique player in the gamble-fi land scape, scorefam offers crypto and sports fans a novel approach to earning through a risk segmented sports book which comes with features like a no-loss, yield based sports staking feature, AI based selection algorithm, high risk betting, amongst others.

With the increasing popularity of online sports betting, Scorefam offers a secure and transparent platform for sports fans to make the most of their love for sports.

Scorefam provides a risk profiling model which is segmented into three types , allowing users to earn how they want to. The model is segmented into: Locked Gaming, Flexible Gaming, and Multiflex Gaming all varying in risk exposure levels, playing structure and difficulty levels for players to choose from.

Scorefam uses blockchain technology to ensure the security and transparency of the platform. Transactions and bets are recorded on a decentralized ledger, making it impossible for any third party to manipulate the data. Users can be rest assured that their funds are safe and secure on the platform.

Scorefam Token:

The Scorefam Token ($SFT) serves as the foundation of the Scorefam ecosystem, offering various utilities and benefits to its holders.

It functions as an in-app currency for betting features while also enabling staking and rewards for users who are cashing out their betting wins and participating in community growth contests.

Players and external projects can acquire $SFT tokens for locked and flexible gaming and advertising purposes, respectively.

Revenue generated from gaming fees is allocated and redistributed to the community through staking and earning SFT points.

Scorefam Team:

Scorefam has recruited an experienced world-class team with a proven record of building successful businesses from the ground up with global experience in leading betting companies, online marketplaces, finance, marketing, technology development, and blockchain. The Scorefam team has proven its ability to deliver market leading and community focused products, fast.

Partners & Integrations:

Yardhub, Blast, AssureDefi, Concordium, Oddin, AIT Protocol, Reneverse

Football is the current sport available on Scorefam, more sports will be added in Q2 of 2024

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