Scorefam Revenue
Scorefam will make revenue from Predict & Win and Fantasy & NFT Marketplace platforms which will fund ongoing operations and the Scorefam Play-To-Earn game rewards.
Platform Fees: Charging 1% for every withdrawal placed on the platform.
Marketplace Commission: Revenue will also be generated from the NFT Marketplace for Scorefam Fantasy League. A commission of 2-5% will be charged for every trade that occurs in the marketplace.
Burning Mechanism: For every game played (whether Locked, Flexible or Multi-Flex), the amount staked in SFT is burnt on staking to reduce the circulating supply of SFT.
If there’s a successful prediction(depending on the game type), the amount burnt is minted back with the additional rewards and 1% fee is charged and minted to a provided account.
If there’s no successful prediction, the amount burnt will not be minted hence the reward pool for subsequent rewarding of successful predictions is increased because the burnt tokens can be minted later without disrupting the Maximum Supply of SFT.
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